WEEK 17 MKMMA Straighten Up & Fly Right

I am still inspired by the MKMMA Alliance. Great group of people that continue to inspire and awe. I am on a chronic emotional roller coaster ride. Mental attitude adjustment is in order. Kindness has reached out and touched me. Blindsided me and I’m feeling good.

I had to go to an appointment, and in the city they have these places called parking decks for you to park your car. Kind of expensive but what isn’t?! Anyway,  get in about a half hour before my appointment drive around for a spot getting frustrated with tight parking worrying about hitting  a car while trying to acquire a park spot.

Just then I young gentleman in camo fatigues approached me and asked me if I wanted to have his spot because he paid for 4 hours and still had 2 left, so I said sure! I parked the car and he gave me his receipt. I thanked him and as he left I thanked him again. This kind gesture made my day.

When I finished my appointment and was on my way home, I sat in the parking spot and attempted to pay this kindness forward.  But to my dismay, no one had come on to the parking deck. But as always, these little miracles continue to happen to remind me to stay the course and remain diligent to achieving my ultimate transformation. To set in motion the true me. God bless me in my journey!


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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

5 thoughts on “WEEK 17 MKMMA Straighten Up & Fly Right”

  1. Wonderful! What a great experience! Kindness all around. You will achieve your ultimate transformation because you are diligent and are still here on the course! It is only inevitable that your truest desires come true. Good on you! Peace be the journey.

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  2. Janet, Kindness is contagious and brings such joy. My daughter was at a pizza place and just ready to order and the lady in front of her asked if she could pay for the meal. She said yes and left to go outside and cry. I use to have to do that to. I attempted to explain how there are so many kind people out there. It took a couple of weeks and now she paid it forward the same way, but without money because she didn’t have any. When I read the words written I get a sense that this will grow much bigger in your life. You will experience Power like never before when You do Kind things for others.


  3. It’s a wonder we “modern folk” see any of these Kindnesses at all. Our multitasking, on the go, late for something (of questionable value) keeps our minds so into the anticipation that we forget to enjoy the now. Thanks for sharing your experience and this journey toward peace and becoming the master observer 🙂


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