Week 13 MKMMA Maintenance

I continue to muddle through unable to fully commit due to time constraints. I remain committed to the program because I am aware of the fantastic results that I will achieve once I fully give myself over to the lessons.

I need to start at the beginning and reinforce the behaviors that are necessary to change my blueprint. I am thankful each day to wake up and be able to work on my new blueprint. One day at a time and do the best that I can.  That is doable.

I see constant reminders daily, now that I have the tools to recognize them. Everything that Mark and the staff talk about on the Webinars can be seen in our daily lives. During my work day and interactions with people even in my leisure time.

It is very enlightening being the constant observer. It makes me smile inside when I recognize something that we learned being applied in real life situations. It just reinforces the fact that if we persevere we succeed.

We all should maintainance ourselves. Tweek ourselves so to speak.

When I fall short, I rewind and work on applying myself in areas that I feel needs more work. Looking forward to another week of Masterminding.



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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

2 thoughts on “Week 13 MKMMA Maintenance”

  1. Comparing a few of your earlier posts to this one, Janet, is a night and day experience that makes me smile inside! In seeing what others have written in the alliance, one of the most useful tools – especially when outside the home environment – appears to be the various recordings they have created. They have recorded their DMP’s, blueprint builders, the Haanel MK lessons, etc., although using something like this at work would be, of course, ideal; if this is not possible, listening to your recordings while driving/commuting would be a powerful way to augment the plan you suggest – which I think is a very good one! You’ve got this!


  2. I agree totally with Loren. I have actually made recordings of many of our reading “assignments” the first time I read them (in my own voice as that is the only one subby listens to) and then played them whenever I get the time throughout the day. It actually gives me a burst of motivation/energy when needed to buckle down. Great post keep it up 🙂


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