Week 14 MKMMA Rebirth & Renewal

If I am behind in my blogs I shall make it up. But today I am feeling alive and invigorated. I watched The Good Lie and was impressed. The Lost Boys’ journey was inspiring and an affirmation that through persistence and perseverance you can achieve the impossible.

The Lost Boys also touched the lives of the people around them. Their purity of heart and intentions changed the US liaisons lives from being complacent to being involved and engaged.

I also realized that your bliss may take many years to achieve but nevertheless is possible.

I have been getting my house in order, so to say.  I was feeling frustrated with my financial circumstances and made a few calls. At the end of day, I consolidated my first and second mortgage at a great interest rate and 15 yr term? Man o man am I stoked. Put on my big girl panties and I’m taking charge of my life. This is one of the first times since my husband’s death that I feel hope.

I am determined to “get my life”. There’s no time like the present. I am receiving positive reinforcement from the Mastermind Alliance. I feel the genuine fellowship. It gives me warm “fuzzies”.

Today I watched the Kennedy Center Honors and was inspired by the talent and the stories behind their journeys. The honorees inspire me to tap into my inner being and achieve my hidden passion. I am excited to utilize the tools given to me to alter my old blueprint and throw caution to the wind by grabbing onto my new chance at life and happiness with both hands.

I want to wish everyone a blessed and healthy New Year! Here’s to our success! 🍸🍾


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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

2 thoughts on “Week 14 MKMMA Rebirth & Renewal”

  1. I love your optimism, commitment, and gentleness. I have come to understand this isn’t an overnight thing, but it is, well like Mark says, cumulative. We keep trekking on one day at a time. So glad to have you as a traveling buddy

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  2. While I have indicated in my reply to your Week 13 post, Janet, that it was a “night and day” experience – it was filled with so much hope; then this week 14 post… Well, to use the vernacular of today, this post is “dope!” Good show!


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