Puddle of Mudd MKMMA Wk 11

Another week has past and I have not been able to capitalize on the program. After December I will be able to get on track but until then I am in a holding pattern.  I am so disgusted. There will not be a better time to engage in the program being that is once a year and the same months. Sucks to be me.

This is prime time busy as shit time from November through January with no letting up at my job. I am now working seven days a week. I am exhausted and hurt. Every bone in my body is screaming and my injured shoulder can not recover because I can’t get enough time to rest and recover.

Some nights I have insomnia. I wake up every day at 5:15 am and don’t get home until 6:00 pm and then do it all over again the next day. I can’t think, can’t remember shit and have too much to do in a day. Got to also fit in going to court and getting an epidural cortisone injection for my back this week.  Fun fun. Haven’t had time to network on the Alliance so I can meet fellow masterminds to engage and network with to help each other stay the course and be successful.

I need a certain strong entity to extract me from my mud puddle. My boots are kind of dug in but, maybe someone can throw me the right lifeline to get me out. Any takers?!


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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

5 thoughts on “Puddle of Mudd MKMMA Wk 11”

  1. Best advice I can give is rather than keep struggling to get out of the mud, try to gently slip your feet out of those stuck boots and go dancing barefoot in the rain! It will all come together if you set times and keep those promises.

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  2. Janet – you have the power within your heart (and mind) to rise above the challenges you’re facing this month. I found looking in the mirror and telling myself I was stronger than anything circumstance could throw at me helped me keep going. You’re still here – that’s positive. One step at a time. Hugs! –


  3. As I read this January is fast approaching, November is gone and December soon will be as well. I would love to mastermind with you. It that means letting you go off your mental diet to an understanding ear, or tell you to suck it up and focus on what you want next year’s holiday season to look like, so be it. My email is jenorator79@gmail.com You have been thrown a lifeline. Wanna grab it?


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