Week 8 Serenity Now MKMMA

Negativity is all around me. So, I say Serenity Now!! I work in hostile work environment daily. I choose not to feed into it because, you know, I am what I will to be.

To date, this is the most challenging task. No negative thoughts or acting in a negative way.  But, I do want to share a situation that happened to me this week.  My usual HCR driver contracted pneumonia. He tried to continue to work, though his health was severely impacted.

On Wednesday he almost passed out and needed assistance to complete his route.  The following day his boss filled in for him.

I was at work bright and early. After unloading his haul for my office, he was getting ready to leave. I asked him if he was going to scan the truck. He said he doesn’t scan the truck. I grabbed the scanner and scanned the truck myself, without having any communication with this man. I did not want to engage with him because, he is always disagreeable.

The next morning, I expected to again scan the truck myself. To my surprise, without any prompting, he picked up the scanner, scanned the truck, and said I only scanned one truck yesterday.

All I could think of was OMG he must have felt my love from this months scroll readings.  Every time I want to give up on the MKMMA course something profound happens and I just can’t quit.

Something continues to keep me coming back for more. I don’t know if it’s Karma or my bliss wanting to be discovered and set free.  All I know is that I stay the course and continue the journey of self discovery.  I don’t want to fall off of the wagon. I want to take the whole ride.  Giddy Up!!

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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

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