MKMMA WK 6 Post-it-Notes from the Edge

Hello to all! Another challenging week for me as I almost quit. The pressure was getting to me and I have been stressing. Time constraints have been putting a damper on my spirit. Subby was willing me back over to his side. As usual, it was getting hard to resist slipping back into my comfort zone even though it is uncomfortable there now. I’m not the same person I was before I started this journey. Subliminally I am changing daily. It’s little nuances here and there that catches me off guard and I say internally to myself, “What the heck?”

I have to really buckle down or buckle up whichever one is happening at that moment. I have to keep my promises or I will never succeed. Procrastination is my biggest adversary next to time. My subby convinces me that I do not have to take care of things, that I can get to it later. Well, later gets later and later & I will get lazier and lazier which is not good.

I’m glad I had a heart to heart with someone that motivated me and gave me the courage to see this journey through. I hope I do myself proud so that in the future I will be able to be of value to new incumbents embarking on their voyage of self discovery.

Working on my movie trailer was kind of cool. It was neat incorporating the shapes in with the story to make the connections. I am looking forward to the next webinar so I can continue making the connections and having the next piece of the puzzle revealed. I am also going to make an effort to visit with my new family of masterminds and pick their brains to aid in my learning process. I could use more input from more than one source. Still living the dream.


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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

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