Week 3 Calling all MKMMA

I’m grinding. It has not gotten any easier. There are definitely not enough hours in a day to tackle everything that I have to contend with on a daily basis. I feel like I am on a sinking ship. I need a life preserver and  fear there is none in sight. I am not liking that fact that I am spewing negativity. I am really looking to make a significant and wonderful change.  My past ways of thinking and reacting definitely needed some adjustments.

I do take some comfort in the fact that I am not the only one feeling pressure and a sense of inadequacy. When you put it all out there and strip down to the bare bones it is intimidating.  I can not wait until I obtain clarity in this endeavor.

I will take more time to view other participant’s blogs and comments to gain more insight into my struggle.  I welcome constructive feedback to aid me in my journey.  Sometimes it takes an outside point of view to point out things that may be right in front of my face but I am missing.

Can I really master the Masterkey system?  I sure hope so.  I need to try and carve out some time for myself. I am working six days a week and I have a hard time prioritizing my time.  I need a personal assistant to keep me straight.  I wonder if there is an app that could help me with time management?  My dog is not happy with me either because I am not taking time to spend with him.  He has been moping around and sighing loudly.  After the webinar this Sunday, I will take him to the park so that he can get out of the house. It will do us both some good.


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I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers! I relocated to North Carolina in 2007.

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