WEEK 17 MKMMA Straighten Up & Fly Right

I am still inspired by the MKMMA Alliance. Great group of people that continue to inspire and awe. I am on a chronic emotional roller coaster ride. Mental attitude adjustment is in order. Kindness has reached out and touched me. Blindsided me and I’m feeling good.

I had to go to an appointment, and in the city they have these places called parking decks for you to park your car. Kind of expensive but what isn’t?! Anyway,  get in about a half hour before my appointment drive around for a spot getting frustrated with tight parking worrying about hitting  a car while trying to acquire a park spot.

Just then I young gentleman in camo fatigues approached me and asked me if I wanted to have his spot because he paid for 4 hours and still had 2 left, so I said sure! I parked the car and he gave me his receipt. I thanked him and as he left I thanked him again. This kind gesture made my day.

When I finished my appointment and was on my way home, I sat in the parking spot and attempted to pay this kindness forward.  But to my dismay, no one had come on to the parking deck. But as always, these little miracles continue to happen to remind me to stay the course and remain diligent to achieving my ultimate transformation. To set in motion the true me. God bless me in my journey!

Week 16 MKMMA Kindness Week

Started out idealistically. I tend to give the gift of kindness regularly. Although showing kindness feels tremendous, the flip side not so much. I must be around the wrong types of people because my gestures of kindness fell flat this week. Meaning my kindness was taken for weakness.

First scenario, I borrowed an employee from another office to perform work in my office. I put the route up for her and other employees set up the packages for her and we gave her options on how to pull down the route for delivery. She said, “She got it.” I called her throughout the day to see how she was doing she reassured me she was fine.  A short time later she called to tell me she would be running out of gas soon.

I proceed to take her the gas and fill the tank. The employee looks confused I ask her what’s wrong she says she doesn’t know where to go I tell her and she goes on. I have a feeling she doesn’t know what she’s doing and wait until she returns to her starting point. Upon further investigation she is completely turned around so I decide to ride with her to ensure everything gets done correctly and we could get back to the office in a timely manner.

She had to fill up her tank again having no money and said she would give me the money the next day. We all know the result of this. No show.

I lend my pickup truck to my deceased husbands friend to help him move furniture and items from his old place to his new. His significant others car breaks down and I let them borrow the van for a week until her car is repaired. Something with the clutch went bad on the pickup and he said no problem he’d fix it. What no answer on his phone after these good deeds were done! Some friends! So much for kindness!!!

Week 15 MKMMA Subby Fights Back

I set myself up for failure when I proclaimed that since my busy season at work has come to an end, that I would be able to fully commit to the program. Long story short didn’t happen. I’m losing ground fast. Subby is closing in fast.

I know what to do and have not followed through. Not happy with this outcome. Still, through osmosis the lessons have been absorbed into my mind and thoughts. Continuous signs chronically appear in my daily life to reinforce my new learned behavior.

Still I resist to embrace the philosophy and practice the triggers that will enhance my life. I’ve got to get a handle on this and stop being lazy. That is all that I can attribute my actions to. Pure laziness.

So begin again I shall with the hopes of following through. The battle rages on!

Week 13 MKMMA Maintenance

I continue to muddle through unable to fully commit due to time constraints. I remain committed to the program because I am aware of the fantastic results that I will achieve once I fully give myself over to the lessons.

I need to start at the beginning and reinforce the behaviors that are necessary to change my blueprint. I am thankful each day to wake up and be able to work on my new blueprint. One day at a time and do the best that I can.  That is doable.

I see constant reminders daily, now that I have the tools to recognize them. Everything that Mark and the staff talk about on the Webinars can be seen in our daily lives. During my work day and interactions with people even in my leisure time.

It is very enlightening being the constant observer. It makes me smile inside when I recognize something that we learned being applied in real life situations. It just reinforces the fact that if we persevere we succeed.

We all should maintainance ourselves. Tweek ourselves so to speak.

When I fall short, I rewind and work on applying myself in areas that I feel needs more work. Looking forward to another week of Masterminding.


Week 14 MKMMA Rebirth & Renewal

If I am behind in my blogs I shall make it up. But today I am feeling alive and invigorated. I watched The Good Lie and was impressed. The Lost Boys’ journey was inspiring and an affirmation that through persistence and perseverance you can achieve the impossible.

The Lost Boys also touched the lives of the people around them. Their purity of heart and intentions changed the US liaisons lives from being complacent to being involved and engaged.

I also realized that your bliss may take many years to achieve but nevertheless is possible.

I have been getting my house in order, so to say.  I was feeling frustrated with my financial circumstances and made a few calls. At the end of day, I consolidated my first and second mortgage at a great interest rate and 15 yr term? Man o man am I stoked. Put on my big girl panties and I’m taking charge of my life. This is one of the first times since my husband’s death that I feel hope.

I am determined to “get my life”. There’s no time like the present. I am receiving positive reinforcement from the Mastermind Alliance. I feel the genuine fellowship. It gives me warm “fuzzies”.

Today I watched the Kennedy Center Honors and was inspired by the talent and the stories behind their journeys. The honorees inspire me to tap into my inner being and achieve my hidden passion. I am excited to utilize the tools given to me to alter my old blueprint and throw caution to the wind by grabbing onto my new chance at life and happiness with both hands.

I want to wish everyone a blessed and healthy New Year! Here’s to our success! 🍸🍾

Week 12 MKMMA – Faith Be the Journey

Well another week gone and I’m still here! Every week I doubt and every week I receive another sign to continue on. This week I received a Christmas card from someone that I don’t know how I know.  And guess what! On the front of the card is written “Mele Kalikimaka”.  I thought to myself what in the world. Really?! It is obvious that this is just meant to be.

No more excuses! My peak season at work is finally over and now I dig in. If I provide excuses from this point on it is just myself giving in to my old blueprint. I am looking forward to really be able to put in the work. December’s scroll really hit a cord with me. I am feeling profoundly effected from the words in this months scroll. Really powerful.

No doubt that when I emerged from the womb that I would never be a sheep! It often gets me in trouble being an employee in a company.  You have to go along to get along. It has always been a hard pill for me to swallow.

I recently received news from my sister that she was forced into retirement from her company. I am looking at this as an example of what can happen when you have no control of your own future. I want to create my new reality so that I can get ahead of this type of situation. To me, I am going to take stock and control over my life.


Puddle of Mudd MKMMA Wk 11

Another week has past and I have not been able to capitalize on the program. After December I will be able to get on track but until then I am in a holding pattern.  I am so disgusted. There will not be a better time to engage in the program being that is once a year and the same months. Sucks to be me.

This is prime time busy as shit time from November through January with no letting up at my job. I am now working seven days a week. I am exhausted and hurt. Every bone in my body is screaming and my injured shoulder can not recover because I can’t get enough time to rest and recover.

Some nights I have insomnia. I wake up every day at 5:15 am and don’t get home until 6:00 pm and then do it all over again the next day. I can’t think, can’t remember shit and have too much to do in a day. Got to also fit in going to court and getting an epidural cortisone injection for my back this week.  Fun fun. Haven’t had time to network on the Alliance so I can meet fellow masterminds to engage and network with to help each other stay the course and be successful.

I need a certain strong entity to extract me from my mud puddle. My boots are kind of dug in but, maybe someone can throw me the right lifeline to get me out. Any takers?!

Doom, Despair and Agony Week 10 MKMMA

What in my opinion should have been a very productive week turned south. I am feeling quite overwhelmed and disappointed. Like the path of hell, I always have good intentions.

I was excited to have this bye week to reinforce my learned good behaviors. Unfortunately, long hours at my job and overwhelming obstacles continue to take me off track.

On Dec 1,  one of my employees called off sick and I had to perform her work duties as well as mine. During the course of the day, I tore my rotator cuff. It’s been a long painful week. I can’t believe that I directly caused these events to happen because our subconscious brings about our reality.

How can I overcome these set backs and come out on top? Isn’t there something to be said that sometimes what you want isn’t necessarily what you get. Life has a way of rewriting your life path by unforseeable events.

The power of positive thinking can only get you so far. I have been focusing on positivity and love to rewire and fire my new way of thinking and yet here I am behind the eight ball. Am I truly the owner of my destiny? Time will tell.

Humble and Sincere MKMMA Week 9

I have succumbed to putting my trust in MKMMA. I realize that there is a better way and a better life out there for me. I am experiencing the difference by forming good habits and remaining consistent.  I still have    more to accomplish. On the upcoming bye week I want to revisit the webinars and refresh/reinforce the workbook information.

With the hectic pace that I keep daily, I am feeling like I am being bombarded with a whole lot of material and I am not really processing the weekly lessons as well as I should. My intentions are sincere so I am going to continue to try to put forth my best efforts.

I spent my first holiday without my loved one.  It’s hard to fill the void but I must move forward.

By engaging in MKMMA, I have made a choice to redirect my life and way of thinking. I anticipate the moment where the work pays off and I finally have my Ah Ha! moment. Currently I am receiving subliminal messages from my inner voice telling me that  I must stay the course and cements these messages by giving me signs that I can not ignore.

I am on a quest to find ways to stimulate myself and gather insight from other participant’s blogs. We all seem to struggle with different aspects.  Others seem to have found this program working for them already. I hope to be lucky enough to get there soon in my journey. Looking forward to re-energizing myself in the upcoming week and preparing to be enlightened by the next section of the workbook. What wires together fires together! Amen! Until next time, peace be the journey.

Week 8 Serenity Now MKMMA

Negativity is all around me. So, I say Serenity Now!! I work in hostile work environment daily. I choose not to feed into it because, you know, I am what I will to be.

To date, this is the most challenging task. No negative thoughts or acting in a negative way.  But, I do want to share a situation that happened to me this week.  My usual HCR driver contracted pneumonia. He tried to continue to work, though his health was severely impacted.

On Wednesday he almost passed out and needed assistance to complete his route.  The following day his boss filled in for him.

I was at work bright and early. After unloading his haul for my office, he was getting ready to leave. I asked him if he was going to scan the truck. He said he doesn’t scan the truck. I grabbed the scanner and scanned the truck myself, without having any communication with this man. I did not want to engage with him because, he is always disagreeable.

The next morning, I expected to again scan the truck myself. To my surprise, without any prompting, he picked up the scanner, scanned the truck, and said I only scanned one truck yesterday.

All I could think of was OMG he must have felt my love from this months scroll readings.  Every time I want to give up on the MKMMA course something profound happens and I just can’t quit.

Something continues to keep me coming back for more. I don’t know if it’s Karma or my bliss wanting to be discovered and set free.  All I know is that I stay the course and continue the journey of self discovery.  I don’t want to fall off of the wagon. I want to take the whole ride.  Giddy Up!!